PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." Sept.3, 2020

KVI's John Carlson examines what local and national gun sales statistics can tell us about the re-election chances of one President Donald J. Trump.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

Everett City Council reverses course on accepting a $6 million federal grant to hire more police, how the grant works as proverbial training wheels right now during the virus pandemic, meanwhile a major hand gun retailer in Bellevue WA says sales are booming right now, 60% of new sales are people that have never purchased a gun, this is a sign that Trump is closer to re-election than a lot of Seattle/Olympia politicians want to believe, the public knows that King County/Seattle politicians are neglecting their safety, the black female ex-con that Trump granted early prison release in 2018 says she was horribly mis-treated by anti-Trump protesters (the so-called 'tolerant left') after leaving the White House last week.

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