PODCAST: JohnCarlson's "And Another Thing..." June25, 2020

KVI's John Carlson and former King County Sheriff, Dave Reichert, discuss the future and fate of Seattle's CHOP. (Photo: Elaine Thompson, AP)

GUEST: former King Co. Sheriff and former U.S. Congressman (WA-8th), Dave Reichert, talks about CHOP given his experience during the 1999 WTO melee and destruction, how law enforcement reacted (numerically) in 1999 for WTO and how its reacting to CHOP 2020, the lawlessness from Seattle's unsanctioned homeless camps simply continued at CHOP, why elected officials are failing their basic oath of office, CHOP neighbors and business are now suing Seattle, only one official in Seattle has asked for Reichert's input on handling CHOP and its not anyone publicly elected, why no police official would ever give up a precinct, the local schools (Edmonds, Tacoma and Seattle) taking campus resource officers out of the classrooms/halls, why Reichert feels this is an organized agenda against police, training officers through out their careers not just as rookies, how technology creates more accountability for officers, some important wisdom about the law from Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.

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