Kirby in for Carlson Dec19--6am hour

Port Orchard tornado warehouse building KOMOguQ.jpg
An EF2 tornado with winds estimated over 100mph obliterated roofs at this wherehouse and business park in Port Orchard, WA on December 18th, 2018. KVI's Kirby Wilbur assess the freak-storm's aftermath as he subs for John Carlson.{ } (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- tornado strikes Pt. Orchard, why there was no warning before tornado hit,

KVI's Mark Christopher describes the wind and waves he saw from the Bremerton ferry just before tornado hit Pt. Orchard, Republican Congressman compares James Comey's latest testimony cop-out to Hillary Clinton,

some memories of Penny Marshall's hey day as TV's LaVerne DeFazio, Good Guy With A Gun stories include homeowner confronts intruder using a shovel to smash into house, intruder asks armed homeowner how big his gun is and then finds out, Saturn is losing its rings faster than previously thought, US announces its military withdrawal from Syria so what comes next for control of Syria?, the Seattle city council woman who hates ICE so much she voted against $12 million in grant funding for the city, KVI's Lars Larson says its looking like Trump is caving on border wall funding.

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