Kirby in for Carlson Dec19--7am hour

KVI's Kirby Wilbur discovers a British news website story about an attempted Amazon boycott that turns into some un-expected punchlines at the expense of the media elites. (photo: AP file)

7am hour -- John Carlson is out sick so Kirby Wilbur is subbing on this morning's show, a British news website posts a dubious story about an boycott that comes off like fake news, what's happening this morning after yesterday's freak-tornado storm, a failed Net Neutrality prediction from one year ago is immortalized in a tweet (seen below),

Tesla creator/founder unveils tunnel idea as possible travel alternative, GUEST: author and Christmas music collector Duane Montague talks about Christmas, faith and Christmas songs that are overlooked, Kirby unveils his list of recommended books for Christmas gifts.

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