Kirby In For CarlsonCast Nov9--6am hour

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Allegations of voter suppression in two Florida counties controlled by Democrats are coming from Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Scott, who currently leads against incumbent Democrat Ben Nelson. Scott's allegations could impact his race and that of gubernatorial candidate, Ron DeSantis pictured here on election night earlier this week.{ } (Chris Urso/Tampa Bay Times via AP)

6am hour -- voter suppression accusations surface in a Democratic Party controlled portion of Florida, Seattle Police officers are leaving for other jurisdictions (ind KOMO story), there was another Pioneer Square area shooting in Seattle last night (as people were flooding out of a Century Link sports event) women who survived Thousand Oaks CA nightclub massacre laud the men who shielded them from the killer,

GUEST: RealClearPolitics, co-founder & president Tom Bevan examines the brewing controversy in Florida about voter suppression in favor of a high profile Democratic candidate.

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