Kirby In For CarlsonCast--Nov9--7am hour

King county wa-state-map.gif
KVI's Kirby Wilbur puts King County under his microscope to discuss the changing voters demographics that could sideline the Republican Party for the foreseeable future. (map: US Census Bureau)

7am hour -- it looks like Seattle's problems are spreading to suburban King Co., the problems are embodied by how Seattle city council and the activist class are treating police officers, SF approved a head tax similar to the one Seattle voters ultimately reversed, Bellevue schools announce they need to cut budgets despite new school funding (McCleary) formula, Trump tees off on another reporter for a question about the new A.G. and what might happen with the Mueller investigation, a history deep dive on Poland, the vague wording involved in the recently passed I-1639 gun control measure.

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