Kirby Nation - Lisa Howard, Alliance for Pioneer Square

Lisa Howard Podcast 2.PNG
Lisa Howard Podcast 2.PNG

Kirby's guest is Lisa Howard, Executive Director of the Alliance for Pioneer Square. They are one of several business groups who commissioned a report called SYSTEM FAILURE: A Report on Prolific Offenders in Seattle's Criminal Justice System.

Read the report for yourself HERE

As the team member with the most seniority, Lisa has worn many hats on behalf of Pioneer Square. In her current role as Chief Operating Officer of the Alliance, she oversees the brand, message, and marketing of the neighborhood; our internal systems from communication to finance; and steps into issues that need to be handled NOW. A true team and utility player, you will see her handling everything from board meetings to communication with City Council and the press.

E-mail: Lisa[AT]pioneersquare[DOT]org

Phone: (206) 667-0687 Ext. 102

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