Kirby Nation: Skip Desjardin Interview

September1918-COVER-e1535661632265 (1).jpg
September1918-COVER-e1535661632265 (1).jpg

Skip Desjardin is the author of September 1918: War, Plague, and the World Series , available on Amazon. Kirby talks to Skip about his new book.

One hundred years ago, in September 1918, three things came to Boston: war, plague, and the World Series.

This is the unimaginable story of that late summer month, in which a division of Massachusetts militia volunteers led the first unified American fighting force into battle in France, turning the tide of World War I. Meanwhile the world’s deadliest pandemic—the Spanish Flu—erupted in Boston and its suburbs, bringing death on a terrifying scale first to military facilities and then to the civilian population. At precisely the same time, in a baseball season cut short on the homefront and amidst the surrounding ravages of death, a young pitcher named Babe Ruth rallied the sport’s most dominant team, the Boston Red Sox, to a World Series victory—the last World Series victory the Sox would see for 86 years.

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