KirbyCast December 27-4pm hour

Cartoonist Thomas Nast first drew Santa Claus in January 1863, for Harper's Weekly. ( Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1929, via Metropolitan Museum of Art under CC 1.0 )

Kirby sat in for John Carlson Friday morning - this encore presentation includes portions of that show, as well as exclusive podcast excerpts and new bonus material!

This hour: A Civil War Cartoonist Created the Modern Image of Santa Claus as Union Propaganda, It's This Day in History, including the anniversary of Carrie Fisher's passing, A Port Angeles man was arrested early Friday morning, and is now awaiting domestic violence and firearms charges, Kirby talks about hospitals posting prices and a rowdy phone call, GUEST: Craig Shirley, talking about his new book, Mary Ball Washington: The Untold Story of George Washington's Mother

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