KirbyCast May 2-4pm hour

FILE - In this April 29, 2019 file photo, Yisroel Goldstein, at podium, Rabbi of Chabad of Poway, speaks during a memorial service for Lori Kaye, who was Kaye was was killed Saturday when a gunman opened fire inside the ysnagogue. The gunman who attacked the synagogue last week fired his semi-automatic rifle at Passover worshippers after walking through the front entrance that synagogue leaders identified last year as needing improved security. The synagogue applied for a federal grant to better protect that area. The money, $150,000, was approved in September but only arrived in late March. "Obviously we did not have a chance to start using the funds yet," Rabbi Scimcha Backman told The Associated Press. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

Our guest is Drew Stokesbary from Auburn- he is the lead Republican on the House Appropriations Committee and also serves on the Finance Committee. Kirby talks about the FBI, Trump and Russia and then has a conversation with Tom McCabe from the Freedom Foundation.

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