KirbyCast May 6-4pm hour

South African native Jaques Campher, wearing the patriotic tie after his American citizenship ceremony at the federal courthouse in Columbus. He is with his wife, Lindsay Krasinski, and daughter Alice Campher Krasinski. (Pam Krasinski)

Well, Bill and Hilary Clinton were in town over the weekend and apparently tickets were pretty cheap! She still thinks the election was "stolen" from her. There were a number of shootings over the weekend. During "This Day in History", it's the anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster...and is the show "Friends" problematic today? Plus a lesson in correlation versus causation as traffic accidents and crime rates have increased in states that have legalized marijuana. And the feel-good story about America and the man who put his patriotic necktie on eBay, but then he learned the buyer needed it for a citizenship ceremony.

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