KirbyCast September 23-3pm hour

Michelle Malkin Stand With ICE Rally.jpg
Join Michelle Malkin and fellow patriots at the fourth-ever #StandWithICE rally at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. This was the facility that an Antifa terrorist attempted to firebomb in July. (Facebook)

How about those Cougars?!

GUEST: Michelle Malkin, author of the book Open Borders, Inc. She's holding a "stand with ICE" rally this Saturday, the 28th at 10 am at the Tacoma detention center. More info at the Facebook event page

Pro tip from Rep. Jackson Lee: The AR-15 is 500 pounds and shoots .50 caliber rounds, or something. It's the debut of Kirby's new "Movie Monday" podcast with longtime friend of the show John Kehrli - listen to the full episode here.

The Emmy Awards plunged to a record-low viewership of 6.9 million, illustrating a collective shrug by the public for an annual program that celebrates the "best" of television.

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