LISTEN: The Kirby Wilbur Show, 5PM Hour, September 29, 2020

American Airlines flight attendant Allie Malis stands outside her home on Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, in Washington. About 40,000 workers in the airline industry are facing layoffs on Thursday, Oct. 1, unless Congress comes up with another aid package. “At this point I don’t have a Plan B,” she said, pointing out that restaurant and other jobs that laid-off workers usually get to make it through a downturn don’t exist in this crisis. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf)

People are more worried about property damage and crime as it has increased, concerns over jobs and the economy in the wake of our national lockdown, people that believe the media is an enemy-plus Dr. Alex Berezow is back talking about the US need to follow the lead of the UK with challenge trials.

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