PODCAST: Kirby with Dinesh D'Souza


As the 2020 presidential election looms, America is divided between one party that wants to preserve our founding principles and one party that wants to propel us headlong into socialism. “Socialism is arguably the most discredited idea in history after slavery,” argues Dinesh D’Souza. Yet a new form of socialism—identity socialism—has captured the minds of the progressive Left and is seeping into our everyday culture at breakneck speed.

In his upcoming film titled Trump Card, D’Souza exposes the ideology and the tactics of these modern socialists. A marriage between classic socialism and identity politics, identity socialism goes beyond socialism’s class divisions to stoke unrest based on white vs. black, male vs. female, straight vs. gay, legal vs. illegal and pit Americans against each other. The Left is using naked propaganda, shameless deception, and various forms of intimidation, outright coercion, and the politics of personal destruction to achieve their socialist dreams.

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