Kirby&Carlson April12--9am hour

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens speaks at a news conference about allegations related to his extramarital affair with his hairdresser, in Jefferson City, Mo., Wednesday, April 11, 2018. Greitens initiated a physically aggressive unwanted sexual encounter with his hairdresser and threatened to distribute a partially nude photo of her if she spoke about it, according to testimony from the woman released Wednesday by a House investigatory committee. (Julie Smith/The Jefferson City News-Tribune via AP)

GUEST: religious discrimination case at UW involving English teacher, Susana Asberry; GUEST: St. Rep. Matt Manweller talks about the state law just passed by Legislature meant to protect against religious discrimination, in History Mystery...Russian cosmonauts, the first US Space Shuttle, the first shots fired on Fort Sumter to start the US Civil War, the purchase of New Orleans, the man who murdered the Sheriff of Lincoln County, the 85-mile Bataan Death March, the Buchenwald concentration camp, Paul McCartney's depressing announcement, the birth of rock-n-roll was recorded on this day

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