Kirby&Carlson April21--8am hour

The murder scene in Federal Way WA where a 19 year-old gang assassin was murdered in a drive-by shooting in April 2017 by a 15-year-old suspect that has now been arrested and charged with murder. The 15-year-old suspect, KVI has learned, is from a rival gang. (photo credit: KOMO News).

8am hour -- some quick comedy with the ranting Starbucks barista gone viral, Seattle police officers are shot and wounded by 3 armed teenagers committing a convenience store robbery so how did three underage teens get their hands on guns?, KVI uncovers some exclusive information about the intensifying gang related murders going on in Federal Way, Trump just helped secure the release of an Egyptian-American woman imprisoned there that Obama was not able to free, GUEST: St. Sen. Dino Rossi on his strategy to hold a mirror up to the House Democrats in the State Legislature.

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