Kirby&Carlson Aug11--8am hour

Everett tweakerville fallout on Smith Avenue KOMO5.jpg
Suspected homeless people and drug addicts congregate along a sidewalk near I-5 in Everett WA. A business owner across the street from this gathering has drawn hefty praise and some criticism for setting up a live stream on the web of this area where addicts and homeless people concentrate. (file photo: KOMO News).

8am hour -- more local signs of the "resistance to the anti-Trump resistance" around Puget Sound and it involves an un-P.C. reaction to drug addicts/homeless in Everett, an Everett female business owner says her business is at risk because of incessant drug/addict homeless problems near by, three Everett City Council members chime in on the latest controversy aimed at discouraging drug addicts/homeless near I-5, a retired Seattle cop living in Everett talks about why drug addiction/homelessness has gotten so bad in recent years.

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