Kirby&Carlson Feb.12--8am hour

Bill Russell and Red Auerbach unknown credit8.jpeg
KVI's John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur discuss how a Tweet about legendary Boston Celtics basketball coach, Red Auerbach (R), pictured here with the man he first hired to be a player coach, Bill Russell, prompted a social media firestorm for all the wrong reasons. (photo credit: Red and Me)

8am hour -- Kirby&Carlson: happy birthday to Abe Lincoln and NBA/civil rights legend Bill Russell, a Boston PD tweet citing a white man related to advancing the careers of black people results in predictable social media outcry, there were at least three disturbing Seattle/So. Seattle shootings over the weekend and two were fatal, sly comic actor Bill Murray gets honest about the problem of political-correctness exacerbating our political divide in America.

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