Kirby&Carlson Feb.28--8am hour

Same Sex Bathroom PIXLR.jpg
The group Family Police Institute of Washington will try to authorize a new voter initiative to over-ride the current Washington administrative law allowing people to use a bathroom based on the gender they identify with rather than the gender they were born with. (Photo credit: KOMO News)

8am hour--Kirby & Carlson: the sudden snowfall yesterday was really bad on the east side of Lake Washington, Kirby wishes it were warm and sunny, GUEST: death penalty opponent, St. Sen. Mark Miloscia, talks about the public opinion on keeping the law in place and how that compares to the legislative climate in Olympia, with Trump's big speech tonight Kirby hopes he gives some info about repealing & replacing ObamaCare, GUEST: FPIW 's Joseph Backholm announces new initiative to address transgender bathroom law in the state.

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