Kirby&Carlson Feb.8--9am hour

FILE - In this Feb. 9, 2017 file photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, left, holds a meeting with the heads of federal law enforcement components at the Department of Justice in Washington,. Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente is at right. Boenete, an understated career federal prosecutor, has found himself at the epicenter of several of the Trump administration’s biggest controversies. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool)

Seattle is offering $10,000 to any musician who can write a song about the Fremont bridge, Kirby has a test to find out how conservative or liberal you are, KVI's giving away new movie prize packs next week for the heroic counter-terrorism film "The 15:17 to Paris", In History Mystery stories...50-foot waves and a blizzard in New England, the creepy racist movie "Birth of a Nation", Beatlemania arrived, one of the worst State of the Unions ever, Japan beats Russia (but not in the Olympics), Guadal Canal in 1943, Queen Victoria, the $100 million fire in 1904.

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