Kirby&Carlson June16--8am hour

Heroin spoon needles (KOMO via mgn creative commons).jpg
KVI's John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur interview the co-founder of the Vancouver, BC heroin/drug injection site which was started in 2003 to see if Seattle/King County officials should open one or more such facilities locally to address the heroin addiction crisis in Puget Sound (photo credit: KOMO News and Creative Commons).

8am hour -- Kirby&Carlson: a conservative & pro-free speech group shows up at Evergreen State College for a rally and groups of masked/bandanna'd counter-protesters confront them including one such counter-protester who was armed with a knife.

8:35am GUEST: co- founder of Vancouver BC heroin injection site, Mark Townsend explains what he thinks are the positive benefits of opening this facility for drug addicts, Kirby and Carlson ask Townsend about the various problems that have been associated with the operation of the Insite drug injection facility in East Vancouver.

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