Kirby&Carlson March 6--9am hour

Trump Travel Ban Refu_Summ.jpg
Syrian refugee Mahmoud Mansour, 43, is shown in this photo, taken Monday, March 6, 2017, in Amman, with his daughters Ruba, 9, and Sahar, 3. Mansour, who has been undergoing vetting for resettlement to the U.S. for the past year, says he was devastated by President Donald Trump's travel ban and remains confused about how the revised version could affect his hopes for future in the U.S. (AP Photo/Karin Laub)

Kirby&Carlson: Obama's Director of National Intelligence says there's no evidence of collusion with Trump and Russia, a top Senate Democrat walks back his "McCarthy-esque" finger-pointing at Trump, some questions are emerging after a Sikh man was shot in the arm in Kent and police say it appears to be a hate crime, and AG Jeff Sessions connects the refugee and terrorism concerns with today's new Trump exec. order to temporarily ban immigration.

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