Kirby&Carlson March13--8am hour

Dino Rossi (KOMO News pic) 6.jpg
St. Sen. Dino Rossi (R-Issaquah) updates KVI listeners on several bills including his effort to resolve the obvious conflict of interest issues regarding the state governor negotiating contracts with one of the major campaign donors: public sector unions. (File photo: KOMO News).

8am hour--Kirby&Carlson: Bellingham police fatally shoot a stabbing suspect armed with a knife during a stand off in the street, Republican Senators are asking to pump the brakes on the ObamaCare replacement but Speaker Paul Ryan has an excellent response, GUEST: St. Sen. Dino Rossi says two state reports on revenue and social service case loads this week will quickly change the effort to assign funding for the so-called "McCleary" decision for state public schools funding, Rossi also explains his effort to reign in the influence of public sector unions on the governor who ultimately negotiates new labor contracts for those unions.

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