Kirby&Carlson March14--8am hour

car tabs ST3 MVET notification KOMO.jpg
Political pressure is building to reduce the cost of car tab taxes for Sound Transit (ST3). Five House Democrats in Olympia lare now offering legislative bills to lower the cost of the ST3 tax on car tabs which is calculated on an artificially inflated value of cars to pay for the $54 billion, 25 year plan to complete light rail to Everett, Tacoma, Redmond and W.Seattle. (KOMO file photo).

8am hour--Kirby&Carlson: five House Democrats in Olympia are now sponsoring bills to reduce the ST3 car tab tax valuation/formulation, CNN reporter badgers the HHS Sec. about the deceptive claim that 24 million will lose insurance coverage, Speaker Paul Ryan likes the CBO score on the AHCA and explains the deceptive claim about 24 million people losing coverage,

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