Kirby&Carlson March20--8am hour

Olympia Legislative building KOMO News 10.jpg
Republican St. Sen. Dino Rossi (R-Issaquah) tells KVI that House Democrats aren't acting on several key bills passed in the Senate by fiscal conservatives to provide taxpayer accountability and to fund public education under the 2012 "McCleary" ruling by the Washington State Supreme Court. (file photo: KOMO News).

8am hour -- Kirby's on vacay, John Carlson runs the show solo: Congressman Trey Gowdy grills FBI director about leaked FISA requests in major media designed to hurt Trump, a KVI caller argues with Carlson about the FBI Director and efforts to hurt Trump, GUEST: St. Sen. Dino Rossi says Olympia Republicans are waiting on House Democrats to act on three big issues that range from fully funding public school education to taxpayer accountability between Gov. Inslee and Sound Transit.

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