Kirby&Carlson May15--8am HOUR

Wells Fargo Seattle council protest KOMO_wf2.jpg
In the unintentionally funny story of the day, Seattle has decided to bank again with Wells Fargo after dumping the bank last year in protest opposition to Wells Fargo funding petroleum pipelines that the city council disagreed with for political purposes. The city decided to contract with Wells Fargo again after no banks offered to contract for city services leaving Seattle with no other choice than to opt for Wells Fargo. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- Kirby & Carlson: Seattle head tax passes despite widespread opposition, Seattle mayor pats herself on back for head tax compromise plan passing, a scientific poll within Seattle shows the best case scenario for residents supporting a head tax, Seattle city council adamantly dropped Wells Fargo bank over politics and no other bank wanted to bid on the city's contract for banking services, Kirby has a spot in Seattle for 300 homeless people, a major grocery store says it's closing two Seattle stores due to cost of regulations on businesses.

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