Kirby&Carlson Sept.11--8am hour

Travis Pastrana KVI 594 PIXLR.jpg
Action and extreme sports pioneer, Travis Pastrana (M), joins KVI's John Carlson (L) and Kirby Wilbur (R) to talk about his upcoming Nitro Circus Live performance at Safeco Field in Seattle (which occurs Sat. Sept. 16th). Pastrana has led the way in stunt riding on motorcycles, BMX and even cars, which he has parlayed into a traveling live show which he co-founded called Nitro Circus. (photo: KVI Staff). 

8:05am -- Kirby and Carlson!: stunning triple-OT WSU football game comeback, meanwhile Seahawks offensive line is really offensive, a round-up of NFL player reactions and the blow back to sitting for the national anthem, an update on the Las Vegas Metro Police accusations by Seahawk player Michael Bennett, a Tacoma teacher's arrest for DUI shows what NOT to do when you're getting stopped by police, GUEST: action sports star and motorcycle pilot, Travis Pastrana, in Seattle this week with Nitro Circus for a high-flying performance at Safeco Field (ticket link).

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