Kirby&Carlson Sept.15--8am hour

Everett bikini barista +cop car KOMO20.jpg
The attorney suing the city of Everett over its newly enacted dress code for coffee stand baristas to wear tank-tops and shorts (instead of bikinis or lingerie) joins KVI's John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur to debate the merits of the dress code and whether or not it violates an employees right to protected speech for how they dress. (photo: KOMO News). 

8am hour -- Kirby&Carlson: a King County judge denies Burien's upcoming November vote by the public on Sanctuary City status, a KVI callers wants to argue about why Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare For All" plan is better than ObamaCare, GUEST: the Seattle attorney who is suing Everett over dress code on bikini baristas, Derek Newman, joins the show to explain the First Amendment/free speech implications involved.

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