Kirby&Carlson Sept.19--8am hour

Nancy Pelosi ABC confrontation SF 0.jpg
Illegal alien amnesty supporters flood a press conference held by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in her home district in San Francisco, holding signs that say "Democrats Are Deporters". The amnesty activists who are self-described illegal aliens managed to be so boisterous and antagonistic that they forced Pelosi to leave the press conference before she concluded her remarks on Sept.18, 2017. (photo: ABC News)

8am hour--Kirby&Carlson: the Trump U.N. speech points out the hunger for leadership right now, Trump tunes up the fate of socialism in the wake of Venezuela's current crisis, Trump calls the North Korean regime "depraved" and then he turns up the heat on Kim Jong Un, amnesty activists pull an Occupy Wall Street on Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as she tries to urge support for the DREAM Act, police give new specifics after a fast food restaurant manager in Des Moines WA stabs a combative customer, the hysterical political spider web of the (cable) TV show that won a ton of Emmy's this week.

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