Kirby&Carlson Sept.20--9am hour

Rescue workers search for children trapped inside the collapsed Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City, Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017. The earthquake stunned central Mexico, killing more than 100 people as buildings collapsed in plumes of dust. (AP Photo/Carlos Cisneros)

Kirby&Carlson: the Toys R Us bankruptcy prompts some new (and old) thoughts about the impact of the national toy store, its time to take The White Privilege Quiz, boxing legend Jake Lamotta just died at age 95, Lamotta probably wasn't a very nice person, Missouri lawsuit over Planned Parenthood leads to a funny SNL reference, an update on the latest suspects arrested in connection to last Friday's London "tube" subway attempted bombing, today's Leftist Lunacy stories include an Ivy League campus vote on bathroom usage/labeling.

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