Kirby&Carlson Sept.29--8am hour

Seahawks Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett (seattlepi credit).jpg
Compared to previous weeks, about five times as many Seahawks tickets are currently up for sale on an NFL clearing house website for the team's week 4 prime time game versus the Colts. KVI's Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson debate the connection to the player protests fueled by Seahawks Michael Bennett, right, pictured with Cliff Avril.  (photo credit:

8am hour -- Kirby&Carlson: the official clearing house for unloading Seahawks tickets is flooded with sales right now for this weekend, Green Bay NFL fans largely declined to follow the player's request to lock arms during last night's national anthem, KVI listeners tackle the latest plot twist on the national anthem protest, there's a new update on the amount of season ticket holders choosing to sell their tickets for this weekend's game.

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