2020 General Election: John Carlson's Voter's Guide

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Below are John Carlson's recommendations for the 2020 General Election. You can see the full 570 Guide to the 2020 Election here.


  • President of the United States: Donald J. Trump

No Senate race in WA this year

  • House of Representatives. 10 races. Vote Republican in all of them. In the 10th Congressional district (parts of Pierce, Thurston and Mason counties), write in Marty McClendon.


  • Referendum 90: Should WA have a new statewide sex-ed curriculum? REJECT
  • Advisory Votes (32,33,34,35) to maintain or repeal tax increases (non binding) REJECT – all of them
  • ESJR # 8212: Constitutional Amendment allowing public money to be invested in the stock market for long term care services. REJECT
  • Governor: Loren Culp
  • Lt. Governor: Write in Joshua Freed
  • Secretary of State: Kim Wyman
  • State Treasurer: Duane Davidson
  • State Auditor: Chris Leyba
  • Attorney General: Matt Larkin
  • Comm. Of Public Lands: Sue Kuehl Pederson
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: Maia Espinoza
  • Insurance Commissioner: Leave it blank. Not worth it.
  • State Supreme Court Pos. 3 Dave Larson
  • State Supreme Court Pos.4 Charles Johnson
  • State Supreme Court Pos.6 G. Helen Whitener
  • State Supreme Court Pos.7 Debra Stephens

State Legislature


Vote Republican in every contest except one: The 5th district in Issaquah-Sammamish has no Republican running. Vote for moderate Democrat Mark Mullet, a business owner who opposes new taxes, against his opponent, who could just as well be running for the Seattle City Council.


Vote Republican where possible. In the aforementioned 5th district, write in Corey Bailey in House pos. # 2, and Joseph Kraszewski in the 23rd (Bainbridge Island - Poulsbo)


  • Charter Amendments 1,2,3,4,5,6, NO (keep in mind that # 5 and 6 would abolish the voters’ right to hire the sheriff, and shift it to the County Executive).
  • Charter Amendment 7 Yes


  • Superior Court, Pos. 13 Andrea Robertson
  • Superior Court, Pos. 30 Doug North

As for local ballot measures and judicial races in other counties, I am not making endorsements, but suggest you check out the endorsements made by Republican and Democratic County Parties.

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