How worker shortage is impacting Sea-Tac Airport

KVI's John Carlson writes about his experience flying to Arizona from Sea-Tac Airport International this week. (file photo: KOMO News)

On Monday morning (June 28th), Sea-Tac Airport was as packed-out busy as it is the day before Thanksgiving: Long delays at TSA checkpoints and a shortage of operating gates, because not enough employees are showing up to work.

On my flight to Tucson (I flew to Arizona to escape the Seattle heat), all the passengers were on board and we were ready to go, but the plane remained at the gate. The flight captain finally announced that because of a shortage of luggage handlers, we had to wait until a crew could come and load the luggage on the aircraft. We had to wait (an additional) half an hour.

All of these problems with price spikes, shortages and delays across the entire economy are being aggravated by the Biden administration continuing to pay workers with money the treasury doesn’t have (to) not to return to work. It’s amazing that the economy is continuing to grow under these circumstances.

John Carlson is Talk Radio 570 KVI's morning show host (6am-9:06am).

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