Carbon footprint hypocrisy for Oregon's governor

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, shown here in an undated file photo, is being scrutinized for taking a private jet flight to a speaker appearance in Sun River OR which was only 150 miles away from her office in Salem, OR. (photo: KATU News)

KVI show host Lars Larson writes:

It surprises no one that Governor Kate Brown ranks as a major league hypocrite when it comes to climate change. Brown pressured the last legislature to pass new carbon taxes, only stopped when Republican reps staged a walkout and fled from the state. Brown plans to press again for that tax a few months from now. It’ll cost Oregonian families at least hundreds of dollars a year in taxes designed to discourage the use of carbon fuels.

Of course, we use those fuels out of warm our homes and for transportation. Gov. Brown, on the other hand, says “do as I say and not as I do”.

Last Sunday, Brown had a one hour speech to give in Central Oregon. Rather than get in the state provided SUV which serves her daily and letting a state cop drive her, she flew 150 miles on a private jet.

I’m not sure pilots even pull up the wheels for a hop that short, but it burns hundreds of gallons of jet fuel. Central Oregon Rep. Jack Zika wrote the Governor a letter, taking her to task for that. Gov. Brown wants carbon taxes, even if they kill your jobs and cost your families a bundle. She can talk about saving us from climate catastrophe all day long, but when it comes to her own carbon footprint, Brown’s is the size of Sasquatch.

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