Carlson: Expect a disinformation campaign from I-1000 supporters

I-1000 testimony John Carlson via KOMO tweet D40.jpg
KVI's John Carlson testifies to a joint committee of the Washington House of Representatives and Senate in April 2019{ } in opposition to I-1000 which has reversed I-200 banning racial preferences in university admissions, government hiring and contracting, also known as Affirmative Action policies. (photo: TVW screen grab)

On the upcoming November 5th, 2019 general election ballot in Washington, voters will decide the fate of race-based preferences for public university enrollment, government contracting and hiring.

KVI morning show host John Carlson has been at the center of this debate in Washington dating back to a statewide campaign he chaired back in 1999 for Initiative 200, which was approved by Washington voters and ended a state sanctioned policy of Affirmative Action.

Race-based preferences were prohibited in Washington following I-200 until the Washington Legislature enacted I-1000 in late April this year, which by-passed a vote of the people. The Washington House of Representatives and Senate had an option of simply putting I-1000 on a statewide ballot for voters to decide but chose not to do so. Both chambers of the Legislature in Olympia are controlled by Democratic Party majorities.

After the Legislature's decision to adopt I-1000, opponents of Affirmative Action and race based preferences collected signatures to challenge I-1000. That effort, known as Referendum 88, collected enough signatures that the Washington Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, approved R-88 triggering a statewide vote on next month's general election ballot.

KVI's John Carlson explains the background on I-1000 in this segment of his show and also outlines why the supporters of I-1000 are already using deceptive arguments to fool voters in next month's ballot decision. Click the image above to listen to Carlson's segment of the show regarding I-1000 and Referendum-88.

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