Central WA county reverses course on reporting virus data

KVI's John Carlson covers the politically correct decision by the Chelan-Douglas County Health District to stop reporting ethnicity of patients who test positive for COVID. A decision the health district decided to reverse a few days later after public push-back. (photo: Wiki Commons)

Less than a week after announcing a decision to stop reporting ethnic data for virus infection cases, the Chelan/Douglas County Health District abruptly reversed its decision.

The Wenatchee World reported, the health district stopped releasing a breakdown of cases by ethnicity on April 28 after it said it received concerns from members of the local Latino community, Administrator Barry Kling said Friday.

Public opposition to eliminating ethnicity from the virus data prompted the health district officials to keep reporting the patients' ethnicity in public reports.

KVI's John Carlson predicted this might happen on his daily podcast earlier this week.

Carlson added on the air, "if you don't report COVID test results by ethnicity you are showing discriminatory intent by hiding the fact that the people most victimized by COVID 19 are people of color. And so, sure enough...they've done a 180."

Carlson summed it up saying, "if you really wanna show you're woke you need to report out this data by ethnicity."

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