Choir stricken with COVID-19 in Mt. Vernon WA

The Skagit Valley Chorale, made up of about 120 singers, are pictured here at a previous performance. About 60 choir members practiced March 10 at the Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church which is now the source of an outbreak that has infected up to 45 members with COVID-19 and two singers in the 80s are dead. (photo: KOMO News via Skagit Valley Chorale)

A devastating outbreak of COVID-19 has turned fatal for two members of a Skagit County choir. After a March 10th practice for 60 members at the Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church, two singers in their 80s are dead and 25 more are infected, according to KOMO News reporter, Patrick Quinn.

The full story can be viewed here.

Seventeen more choir members are showing symptoms of COVID-19. The choir members thought they were taking proper precautions during the rehearsal 21 days ago but the infection managed to spread ruthlessly through the vocalists. The same day of the March 10th practice, the Skagit County Health District issued a warning to further restrict the size of gatherings in an effort to curb COVID-19 spread, but the directive did not reach choir organizers before the fateful rehearsal of the Skagit Valley Chorale. Within a week, three-quarters of the choir would report feeling sick.

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