COMMENTARY: AP story picks low hanging fruit on The Rona

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Some people are really sarcastic about public health pandemics.{ }

Give the first few graphs of this Associated Press story a read until you get to this important nugget: Though Redlener sees some of the new wave as inevitable...

Doom and gloom, doom and gloom, doom and gloom, but, ohp, wait, this might be inevitable.

Seriously, for all the anti-Trump bluster of ‘Trump’s responsible for 230,000 deaths’, what would those critics have done differently to prevent 1.) a brutal economic collapse or 2.) a 6-digit death toll that would be commensurate with what happened in 1969 with the Hong Kong flu (an estimated 100,000 US deaths in 1969 when we had about 200 million population {currently we’re at an estimated 329 million}) ??

If you choose full economic and educational shutdown, you will get significant backlash. If you choose 'let the states decide' (as public health is not enumerated in the Constitution therefore by dint of the 10th Amendment its under the purview of the states) and the fatalities and infections rise, you will get significant backlash. Far too many Americans are viewing this pandemic through a political partisan lens. My suggestion is to view this through a pragmatic lens: if you or the ones you love are vulnerable, take all the precautions you can and don't gather for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year's. If you can be safe, then gather in a reasonable manner at your manor and be grateful for what you have as you share the time together.

Seems to me the AP could have written a more intellectually honest story and headline like, “Health expert says virus spike was inevitable”.

Cooler weather driving more people indoors where the virus is more easily spread are now combining with fatigue and anger over virus restrictions for a dangerous new stage. “When you put those three together, we shouldn’t be surprised what we’re seeing,” said Michael Osterholm, a University of Minnesota expert on infectious diseases and pandemic preparations. Some of the same factors are playing out in Europe, which is also seeing a surge.

Nah, its easier to frame Trump as the villain.

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

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