COMMENTARY: Environmental lip service from WA A.G. Ferguson

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Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, (r) in a file photo with Gov. Jay Inslee in the background. (photo: Associated Press)

Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has entered into a bizarre legal contortion in the last two months involving the U.S. Navy. On July 9th, 2019, Ferguson sued the U.S. Navy to halt training flights of the EA18-Growler, near Coupeville WA.

The lawsuit is an attempt to stop the training flights due to excessive noise that neighbors are complaining about but Ferguson's suit is going to hinge on the rules for public input and review on the impact to wildlife that the Navy is supposed to abide by.

Yesterday, Sept. 19, 2019, Ferguson sued President Donald Trump over his plan to shift more than $3.6 billion in military construction funding to help build a border wall because it will divert $89 million from a pier project for submarines at Naval Base Kitsap in Bangor on Hood Canal.

At a press conference yesterday, Ferguson said Trump's re-allocation of these Pentagon spending measures--like the one intended at Bangor submarine base-- was a “misuse of his presidential emergency powers to accomplish an ideological political goal.”

Click on the image of Ferguson above to hear a KOMO News report on the newest lawsuit.

Ferguson is the last person who should be talking about 'ideological political goals.' Ferguson's July lawsuit against the US Navy for their training flights in Coupeville is strictly on behalf of residents near the training field who say the jet flights are too loud. Their complaint is that the US Navy didn't follow public input guidelines before they made their decision on allowing more test flights.

Ferguson is clearly being an opportunist here. He detests the Navy when it will curry favor with Coupeville residents, but then he sues to restore money for the Navy when it will help his political profile.

Sorry, Mr. Attorney General. You can't have it both ways.

If Ferguson is worried about the impact of jet noise on the wildlife in Coupeville, why isn't he concerned about the impact on the wildlife in Puget Sound that were subjected to two big raw sewage spills (one in 2019, another in 2017) from King County's waste-water treatment plant at Discovery Point in Seattle? Of course, there's no lawsuit about that. Ferguson is only intent on using the law to punish his political opponents.

In the KOMO News story included above, journalist Ryan Harris, who attended Ferguson's press conference, reports "Ferguson says forcing sailors to refuel from a barge not only keeps them deployed longer but puts the Puget sound at greater risk of a fuel spill."

If Ferguson's concerned about the environment and preventing a fuel spill at the Bangor base on Hood Canal, where's Ferguson when it comes to protecting Puget Sound marine life from the multiple raw sewage spills from the waste-water treatment plant??

If Ferguson's concerned about the environment, why doesn't he sue Seattle and King County for their horrible, enabling response to homelessness and all the human feces and trash littering the Seattle environment? What about the environmental impact of homeless RV fires. The homeless boats sinking on the Duwamish River? Why isn't Bob Ferguson concerned about that level of environmental protection?

Answer: because he's a political hack. He's not interested in the law. He's not interested in protecting the environment.

Heck, the Seattle Police officer suing over the PCBs in SoDo cares more about the environment than Ferguson does.

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