COMMENTARY: Reasons to resist new Inslee lockdown

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced restrictions Sunday morning to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in Washington state, calling it "the most dangerous public health day in over 100 years in our state’s great history." (file photo: KOMO News)

Written by KVI's morning show host, John Carlson:

Has Governor Jay Inslee presented scientific evidence that socially distanced restaurant dining has spread COVID?

No, he has not.

Has the Governor presented evidence that socially distanced movie viewing, gym workouts, museums and worshipping have spread COVID?

No, he has not.

Don't you think he should, before he throws thousands of people back out of work, and tosses a wrench into the retail industry during the Christmas shopping season?

The Washington governor repeatedly says he is simply following the science. OK then, show us the science. Show causation, not merely correlation, before you deliberately wreck the economy and restrict people's liberty again.

And while I'm at it, let me make a couple of points about the hypocrisy that is fueling resentment against yet another lockdown.

For months, we were told that it wasn't safe to attend church - even socially distant services - indoors. Same with restaurants. Olympia even told people that they couldn't fish or hunt. When a rally protesting the overkill was held in Olympia, the few hundred people attending it were branded as selfish, uncaring, and unpatriotic. Public health authorities called the gatherings dangerous. But when protests over the death of George Floyd and in favor of Black Lives Matter happened in far greater numbers, there wasn't a peep of protest from local government, state health care authorities, or the Governor. We even saw health care workers in their scrubs marching, as if to say that these protests were more important than precautions during a health pandemic.

When a new global wave of COVID swept into this country over the last month, once again, we saw plenty of complaints about outdoor rallies for Donald Trump, but no complaints about Biden victory celebrations and block parties breaking out last week all over the country, including dozens in this State. Not a word of objection from Gov. Inslee, or his public health departments. Nor from the IHME officials at the UW who are always available to the producers on MSNBC and reporters at The Seattle Times. The mayors of DC and Chicago called their attendance at the DC Biden celebration "essential business" - but these same mayors now say families shouldn't gather together at the Thanksgiving table.

THAT'S why there's so much anger toward another round of lockdowns and mask mandates -- it's the hypocrisy of liberal elites living out the old adage "Do as I say, not as I do". Yes, there are churlish elements on both the right and left that instinctively reject authority anyway, but the main driver of growing anger and resistance to COVID restrictions is the hypocrisy of those giving the orders.

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