Compare and Contrast: Seattle City Councilmembers on guns vs. heroin

A mother and her 10-month-old child were wounded in gunfire, depicted here in the windshield of their car, at south Seattle's Pritchard Island Beach park on Memorial Day earlier this week. Police say the mother and child were caught in the cross fire of gang members but are expected to recover.{ } John Carlson covers the reaction from a Seattle city council woman who is advocating gun control laws in the aftermath of the shooting. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

After a pair of shootings in South Seattle wounded a woman and two children under the age of 10, two Seattle City Council members spoke out about their desire for tougher gun laws. All three victims between the two shootings are expected to recover.

KING 5 reports that Seattle city council woman Teresa Mosqueda said the new shootings "underscores the deep need to move forward" on gun violence prevention programs and restrictions on firearms. Gun violence is "truly a public health issue," Mosqueda added.

KVI's John Carlson noted that council woman Lorena Gonzalez said "we obviously take gun violence seriously without regard to who the victim is but it becomes particularly concerning when it is children who are as young as 2 in our own city." Click on the image above to hear John Carlson's on-air coverage of Gonzalez's reaction to the shootings.

Both council members were quick to share their dismay and sorrow about the vulnerable ages of the shooting victims but two weeks ago when KOMO News covered a story about a heroin addicted couple giving birth to a baby inside their tent in a homeless camp, there were no such city council press conferences to address the health and safety of vulnerable children caught up in heroin or drug addiction.

The council members have shown they're squarely opposed to gun violence but either don't have the time or inclination to show their opposition to drug addicted babies caught in the on-going drug and homeless crisis Seattle is enduring. Why one and not the other? All the children in this example will have to over-come the harm the city is allowing to be inflicted on them.

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