Eating out at WA restaurants requires registration

A KOMO News photo of a restaurant at Pike Place Market above the Seattle waterfront.{ }

Eating out at restaurants during the Phase 2 opening in Washington will require customers to log their contact information with the restaurant to create a database for potential contact tracing if an infection is sourced to the eatery.

The new model for eating out in Washington's Phase 2 requires you give your name, address, phone number and e-mail to the restaurant, according to KOMO News. The names and contact info will be kept for 30 days by the restaurant. So far, only eight Washington counties in rural areas are allowed to operate in Phase 2. The most populous counties in the state (King, Pierce, Spokane and Snohomish among others) are still under the Phase 1 opening so dine-in service is not allowed in these areas right now but eventually that requirement is expected in the biggest counties when they open for Phase 2.

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