Father speaks out after child attacked by repeat offender in Seattle

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Tourists in Seattle are now going home with stories to tell their family and neighbors like this latest attack involving a repeat offender with 73 convictions in Seattle who is now accused of an unprovoked attack on a 2-year-old child in a stroller.

The child's father, Daynard Butler, his wife and three sons had never been to Seattle. Butler is an army veteran and him and his family just spent the last three years in Japan as part of his wife’s deployment. She is active duty military.

They wanted to take a mini-vacation in Seattle as a stopover, as they moved back to their permanent home in Daytona Beach, Fla.

On the second day of their Seattle visit, the family endured the attack on their young child while shopping downtown at The Gap clothing store.

Seattle police arrested a chronic repeat offender, Francisco Calderon, who was released from jail two days prior after serving 8-months of a 12-month sentence for an unprovoked attack on man in Capitol Hill.

“He (Calderon) was being belligerent to people on the street,” Butler said, who was on the sidewalk with his 2-year-old son Ryan asleep in the stroller. “He followed a lady, and I started thinking to myself, 'if he does something to this lady I’m going to have to step in because she’s by herself.'"

She turned out to be a tourist from New York.

What happened next shocked Butler.

"He did a crescent turn-around, was saying something, grabbed his coffee and just threw it on my son's face,” he said Tuesday from his family home in Florida. “To me I didn't know if the coffee was boiling hot or anything, all I knew is he tossed it in my kids' face and as a father I protected my kid.”

Seattle Police have said there will be no charges against Butler for defending his family.

But now tourists from Florida and New York are returning home, undoubtedly sharing their story of the disturbing attack they were subjected to on the streets of downtown Seattle.

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