Fox News close-up on San Francisco looks like it was inspired by "Seattle Is Dying"

Seattle Is Dying KOMO graphic n.jpg
Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, is exposing San Francisco for its descent into homeless and crime problems because of it's permissive attitude and refusal to enforce some basic laws on drug consumption, shoplifting, car prowl and vagrancy. The five-part Tucker Carlson series looks like a more politicized version of KOMO's special, "Seattle Is Dying". (photo: KOMO News)

The first of a five-part series on San Francisco's homeless and crime problems aired by host Tucker Carlson on Fox News looks like it was inspired by the KOMO News special report, "Seattle Is Dying", but its much more blunt (and political).

The first installment that aired last night on Tucker Carlson's show parallels many of the problems in Seattle, covered extensively by KVI hosts like Kirby Wilbur, John Carlson and Lars Larson, including citations instead of arrests for crimes like car prowl and shop lifting (for value/damage less than $1000).

One San Francisco Police Lieutenant concedes the city is known as "San Fran-psycho" because of the people gravitating to the city who realize they won't be punished for their illegal and repeated behavior.

KVI's John Carlson responded to part of the Fox News clip posted above saying, "those things (public defecation, drug consumption, shoplifting, homelessness, etc) are defacto legal (when city officials don't enforce the laws against that behavior)."

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