Gov. Jay Inslee facing lawsuit after scratching out line in transportation bill

Jay inslee file office couch Feb 2019 AP19060080421145.jpg
Washington Gov., Jay Inslee, in hot legal water after he reportedly scratched out 12 words in a statewide transportation spending bill that he didn't want included before he signed it. File photo,{ } Jan. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Washington Governor Jay Inslee scratched out 12 words that he didn't want included in a statewide transportation bill that he signed earlier this year, according to the Everett Herald.

Now, according to Herald political writer, Jerry Cornfield, Republican legislators in Olympia intend to sue Inslee over his attempt to circumvent the bill passed by the Washington Senate and House of Representatives.

Does Gov. Inslee think he's above the law?

Another key legal question: if this case goes to trial it could end up, on appeal, in front of the Supreme Court of Washington (SCOW) which has had a recent record of ruling in favor of liberal leaning issues and causes. And that may be why Gov. Inslee is trying to test these waters about unauthorized vetoes.

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