Highway 2 road closure provides learning lesson for Governor


More problems on Highway 2 in eastern Snohomish County, keeping Stevens Pass roadway closed.

Here's a tweet from a WSP trooper on the scene as of 10:49am PT today:

It bears mentioning that if state DOT road crews were able to trim back some trees or branches in warmer months like April, May, September or October perhaps the trees wouldn't be so susceptible to falling off in winter weather conditions. But Washington's elected political leaders are more concerned with saving the planet due to climate change (or running for President) than actually providing real results for ordinary people in Washington. And that's when travelers get stranded in Skykomish for a day or longer. State Route 2 has now been closed since Sunday, Jan. 12th with the exception of these WSP convoys.

This is the same concern that comes up regarding wild fires. If state lands can be thinned in spring or fall, it could reduce the amount of combustible tree/plant material that fuels potential wild fire in warmer months.

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