KVI grieves the sudden passing of talk show producer, Daryl Summers

KVI's morning team with host John Carlson, producer Phil Vandervort and in-studio engineer, Mark Christopher, pay tribute to co-worker, Daryl Summers, who died unexpectedly last week at the age of 50.

Click the image above to listen to the KVI Morning Show's On-Air Tribute to Daryl Summers.

KVI afternoon talk show producer, Daryl Summers, passed away unexpectedly last week. Daryl had worked in broadcasting for 30 years, mostly between Seattle and Portland radio stations, serving as the mid-day DJ on KRWM Warm 106.9 from 1999 - 2012.

KVI morning show studio engineer, Mark Christopher, worked with Summers during those years at KRWM saying, she was part of the idea of Seattle's "Christmas Station" concept when WARM became the first station on the West Coast to extend songs of the Holidays from Thanksgiving time to Christmas Day, a result of 9/11 tragedy in helping communities heal. "Snowball" Summers was her on-air nickname as WARM became a monster success among ratings each year as a result.

"She was a one of a kind radio sister that everyone in radio needs to have", Christopher said to listeners on KVI this morning.

She also worked at Seattle station KMTT 103.7 "The Mountain" for a period of time , with former DJ and Music Director positions in Portland, Oregon and Columbus, Ohio. She was one of the early side kicks of Seattle radio personality Marty Riemer. She also worked as a news and traffic anchor in Seattle and Portland from 2013-2016 at Total Traffic Network and Metro Traffic.

KOMO News Consumer Man, Herb Weisbaum, had a desk near her desk in the office during the last few years and praised her, saying, "Daryl was not only a great broadcaster, blessed with a beautiful voice, she was a wonderful person who cared so much about others. I will miss hearing her on the radio and seeing her at work when I come to KOMO and KOMO Plaza. I consider myself lucky that I was able to get to know her."

Summers also substituted as a DJ at KPLZ STAR 101.5--sister station to KVI. STAR mid-day host, Jill Taylor, remembers, "That voice, that resonance, so smooth and sultry. Those dimples. Her smile so pure and comforting. She was not only my radio sister, she was my friend."

Summers career credits include voice talent for film, television, imaging and commercials. Since 2014 she added real estate agent to her tremendous skill set even helping one former radio co-worker sell her home.

Christopher says, "Daryl is her birth name as her Dad was hoping for a boy and still wanted to keep the name. Its something she has always had fun with among family and friends over the years."

Summers graduated from Washington State University in 1992 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She worked from 1995-1999 as an on-air DJ at two Portland music stations and serving simultaneously as a music director at one of those stations from 1996-1999. Before that she worked in radio in Columbus, Ohio.

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