KVI interview with KOMO's Steve Pool

KOMO News weather anchor, Steve Pool, in his final broadcast before retirement signs-off in Seattle. KVI's John Carlson interviews Pool about his health and his retirement decision. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

KVI morning show host, John Carlson, interviews his long-time colleague from KOMO News, meterologist, Steve Pool, who signed off on the air yesterday after 40 years.

Carlson asks, "So, on a healthy scale, ya know, one being you're in real bad shape, ten being you've never been healthier, where is Steve Pool on a 1-to-10 spectrum?" Pool tells KVI, "That's a good question, John. I would say kinda in a seven and going up on the good side." Pool adds about his cancer fight, "In some ways it made me get up off my butt and do some of the things that I knew I should be doing but I kept pushing it off."

Finally, we found this gem from Steve's KOMO career from 1984. Its worth sharing as we approach Christmas.

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