KVI's John Carlson op-ed on Ref. 88 to overturn I-1000

R-88 stack PIXLR.jpg
Washington voters will decide Referendum 88 which requires a vote on I-1000, an initiative adopted by the Washington Legislature at the end of their session in April 2019 that brings back Affirmative Action policies and ends a previously approved voter-initiative, I-200. (Photo: KVI Staff).{ }

KVI's John Carlson co-authors a Seattle Times op-ed urging a no vote on Referendum 88, which essentially puts I-1000 up for statewide public vote on the Tuesday November 5th, 2019 general election ballot.

I-1000 was adopted by the Washington Legislature in late April this year in the last days of the Democratically controlled legislative session. I-1000's passage by the Democratically controlled legislature over-turned a voter approved I-200 that ended racial preferences in school admissions, hiring and contracting. If R-88 (aka I-1000) is approved it would bring back Affirmative Action and racial preferences in state university enrollment and state hiring and contracting.

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