Narrows Bridge tolls could go up due to virus restrictions

KOMO News file photo of the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The old bridge is seen on the left.{ }

Toll bridge crossings from Gig Harbor to Tacoma plummeted as COVID-19 restrictions were imposed in mid-March before ticking back up in late May, leaving a financial hole for the new Narrows Bridge. The 11 week economic shutdown pencils out to be an expected loss of $4.6 million in toll revenue for the new Narrows Bridge, according to The Kitsap Sun.

The most likely scenario seems to be that the bridge toll will go up unless the Washington Legislature and governor agree to allocate more money to paying off the new Narrows Bridge. More money from the state seems unlikely because the virus pandemic restrictions will also reduce sales tax collections for Washington, creating other budgeting shortfalls.

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